The VW Braking System

See also our general discussion of Brake Drums and Shoes.


General Discussion of VW Brakes.

Stopping is more important than going!

Rear Brakes.

Special considerations for the rear brakes (like the castle nut with all that torque on it! The rear seals are covered, too.

Brake Adjustment.

On drum brakes models, adjust all four wheels. On disc brake models, the front disc brakes are self-adjusting.

Replacing Brake Shoes.

Not for cars with disc brakes.

Replacing Wheel Cylinders.

Don't forget to bleed the brakes afterwards.

Replacing Brake Drums.

Replacing the braake drums sometimes becomes necessary on older cars.

Bleeding Your Brakes.

A must if the brake lines have been opened to the atmosphere for any reason.

Handbrake Adjustment.

The handbrake is an essential component of your braking system.

Brake Pedal Free Play Adjustment.

This adjustment is critical! Make sure you do it right.

The Master Cylinder

The heart of the braking system. Discussion and links are provided.

Master Cylinder Replacement.

Don't try to do this by yourself! It can't be done. Also, make sure to bench bleed the mastercylinder thoroughly before replacing it.

Bench Bleeding the Master Cylinder.

This is a must! You're inviting real problems if you don't do it! (Been there, done that!!).

Brake Hose Replacement.

Replace those cracked and brittle rubber hoses.

Disc Brakes.

Give a much firmer pedal. Discussion and links are provided.

Procedure for Installation of Disc Brakes.

Specific to Super Beetle.


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