Steering Wheel Replacement

Note: This procedure is for the removal and replacement of the Formuling Tradition steering wheel and hub adapter, which were installed on Dave's car in March 1998. The standard VW steering wheel differences are mentioned in italics.


  1. Disconnect the cable from the negative terminal of the battery.
  2. Make sure the wheels are pointed straight ahead.
  3. Pry the large round horn button from the center of the steering wheel with your fingers and disconnect the wire to the horn switch. (VW wheel - remove the Wolfsburg Crest from the centre - a knife blade under the rim is enough to lift it.)
  4. Remove the large steering wheel nut (27mm) and the spring washer.
  5. Using a rocking and pulling motion, pull the steering upward and off the splines (a puller should not be needed). Using the ball of your hand to bump the steering wheel spokes towards you is usually enough to dislodge a stuck wheel.
  6. Note: Do not hammer on the shaft to dislodge the steering wheel.


Formuling Steering Wheel Assembly


  • Assemble the hub adapter kit as follows (see the sketch above):
    • Set the hub adapter upside down on the workbench.
    • Fit the contact ring onto the hub adapter with the wire running down into the adapter (toward where the steering wheel will attach).
    • Locate the small hole in the bottom of the hub adapter next to the large ribbed hole that will slide over the spline in the steering column. Carefully tap the pin provided in the hub adapter kit into the hole until it is seated firmly.
    • Note: This pin is very important -- it provides for automatic cancelling of the turn signals.


      The Formuling Steering Wheel Hub

      Note the turn signal return pin.


  • Before installing the new steering wheel, confirm that the wheels are pointed straight ahead centered, and the turn signal switch is in its central position.
  • Exercise the turn signal switch and note the little tab on the right side of the column that pops out when the switch is activated, either right or left. The pin you tapped into the bottom of the hub adapter must be located immediately adjacent to this tab (which is retracted with the turn signal switch is at its central position).
  • Apply a thin coat of lithium grease to the splines on the steering wheel shaft and carefully slide the hub adapter onto the shaft, making sure that the turn signal cancellation pin is located correctly as described above.
  • Replace the steering column spring washer and nut. Torque the nut to no more than 35 ft-lbs.
  • Fit the Formuling steering wheel on the hub, making sure it is properly centered. Secure with the nine bolts and nuts provided with the kit.
  • Connect the horn wire to the central cap and place the cap in the center of the steering wheel.
  • Reconnect the negative battery cable.
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